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Class 1 flexible air duct now available from Standex ADP.
Right Angle Return
Right Angle Return Air Shoe. A true space-saver.
Support Box with Filter Drawer
The "new and improved" Support Box with Filter Drawer.
Radiation Damper Boot
UL approved radiation dampers pre-installed in any sized boot.
Adhesive Takeoffs
Save time and money for contractors in installing duct systems.
Insulated Duct & Fittings
Pre-insulated duct and fittings made to order.
Metal Drain Pan
Leak-proof design ideal for many HVAC applications.
Filter Rack
Standex ADP offers a full line of filter racks for every furnace application.
Furnace Support Boxes
Provide the right support for every style furnace.
Filter Box
This custom sized box will allocate the space when it comes time to upgrade!
An industry leading producer of all-weather foil tape for metal ducts
Boss Products
Manufacturer a vast product line of professional grade adhesives and sealants for the HVAC market.
Polymer Adhesives
Duct sealants and insulation adhesives have the performance that the industry has come to rely on.
Global leader in engineered foams, providing insulation, specialty foam and rubber solutions for a wide range of industries.
C & S Manufacturing Corp.
Manufacturing a wide variety of installation products for the HVAC and Plumbing industry.

Snappy makes your home or office more comfortable by producing top-quality duct system components. As the leading manufacturer of galvanized pipe, duct and fittings in the United States, our 70 years of experience means our products are durable and easy to install.
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